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The accelerated growth of the “ultra-flexible” workspace market – CoVault

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CoVault is a flexible workspace group that offers month-to-month contracts to small and micro businesses with over 20 locations across Scotland.  The recently opened premises in Dundee is CoVault’s largest project so far.

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The warehouse property has been transformed by adding a new mezzanine level that has effectively doubled the footprint of the building to around 90,000 sq ft of rentable space.

CoVault works alongside its sister company Storage Vault to serve markets across the country and continues to grow at an ambitious rate.

John McGlynn, founder of Scottish Capital and CoVault believes the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the “ultra-flexible” workspace market by around five to seven years.

By allowing people to take a workspace on a month-to-month basis the easier you make things for them and the longer they tend to stay. We see ourselves as a facilitator to help small to medium-sized enterprises grow, be more efficient and create jobs.”

“Our development team is constantly on the lookout for new properties.  We are cash buyers looking for lots of new sites across Scotland, so please get in touch with the team if you are selling.”