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Using Linkedin in 2021

Linkedin has fast become more than a platform for job seeking. It has more than 700 million professional users worldwide and has seen continuous growth since its launch in 2003. It has a B2B focus and is regarded as the most trusted of the social media platforms. 

Here are a few tips and latest developments for businesses considering using the platform in 2021.  

Linkedin is still a great place to be networking on. There are a lot of decision makers with a presence here. However Linkedin is also an excellent place for content marketing. As it is primarily seen as a place for businesses there are less personal posts in the mix so you know that most users have come to find content to read. Hard sell posts are not going to do well though. This is the place for information, education and industry discussion. 

For the best level of engagement it’s probably best to aim for 2 or 3 posts a week. These don’t all have to be your own posts. As on other social media platforms it’s worthwhile sharing relevant posts by others. 

Hashtags were introduced in 2018 and are another way to help your posts be seen by those with an interest in your brand. Linkedin does offer hashtag suggestions based on the content you upload. They have also introduced the ability to control viewing and comments on posts.

If you were looking to make more informal, personal posts as a way to connect to your audience, Linkedin Stories were introduced in October 2020. These image or video posts which are visible for 24 hours at the top of a user’s feed are currently available on mobile only. As on other social media platforms these posts can have added stickers or text and allow the tagging of other accounts. A swipe up feature which is automatically available to all business pages enables the ability to add a link through to your website or products.  

Also from October 2020 users have had the ability to make a video call on the platform thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams and Zoom. As remote work looks set to stay at least in part for many workers this is going to continue to be a great way to maintain communication.

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