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Small Business Marketing and Customer Service Trends 2021

The good news (and we all need as much of that as we can get these days) is that support for small businesses has grown. Google data shows that searches for ‘support small business’ doubled last year. People are increasingly enjoying the more personalized approach they can have with a small business. So it’s a good time to be focused on the uniqueness of your brand or product. 

If 2020 taught the business world anything it is to be prepared for anything. We don’t need to say how quickly the world can change, with remote working becoming the normal just one example, but at least now we can be ready for it. Adaptability is now key to small business survival. 

Customer service should be your top priority and you should be looking at your customer support with an omnichannel approach. That is, every area of your business has to work to give a seamless, connected user experience. You are aiming to create a memorable experience that will build long term relationships with your customers and encourage them to spread the word. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Make sure you are listening to what customers are saying about your product or services and that you act on their feedback. 

This also means it is pretty difficult to ignore social media anymore as this is where many people will review said products and services. It is no longer a place where people just come to chat. It is a lost cost way to promote your brand and build up an online community. If you decide to move into paid social media advertising you can make yourself highly relevant by using audience targeting and showing your adverts to a group who have an interest in the type of products you are promoting or fit a certain demographic etc.

Let us know if you have seen any more trends for small business marketing and customer service in the comments below. 

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