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How to Market for Existing Customers

Once a customer has invested their time and money with you they want to know that their investment was money well spent. Their repeat business is probably going to bring in more money without the set up costs of a new client so it makes sense to focus a large portion of your marketing strategy on them. How do you do this? Let’s take a look at some ideas.

First of all you want to make them feel welcome. Why not send out an email that lets them know of any exclusive and valuable deals that will be just for them? 

You can address any concerns or questions a client may have by providing them with training on how to use your product. This will ultimately mean they use your product more often, and get more value from it without having to refer back to you with queries. How can you deliver this training? You can use a learning delivery platform or provide training content in the form of hints and tips videos, emails, or pdf guides. This training can come before they start using a product or on demand but make sure you can deliver what you promise. 

Once these initial contacts are made it’s important not to then disappear. More than ever customers expect you are going to be addressing their specific needs so any post purchase communication needs to be personalized. To achieve this you have to have enough data to know your target audience. Google Analytics is a free way for you to build up customer profiles. It will provide you with information on age, gender, locations, keywords that brought them to your site and devices used. You can set up the “Sessions with Conversions” segment of the analytics to ensure you are looking at customer details and not general website visitors.

This gathered information can be used to create relevant content in blog posts, newsletters and emails with special deals or information to keep them engaged. It’s best to be consistent with your communications so maintain a calendar of dates. 

Social Media offers many opportunities to build relationships with your customers. Take the time to give “shout outs” or celebrate customer achievements and positive experiences. By listening to what topics people are talking about you can gather data for your customer profiles. And don’t forget to respond to any mentions or queries.

If you have any tips you use yourself please let us know in the comments below.