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Do you want to play a Game?

Christmas is traditionally a time for games both in video and board format. Who doesn’t look forward to the annual family argument over Monopoly or the wrestle over who gets the playstation controller next?  Our love of games goes back to ancient times. They offer us the chance to enter a playful zone for a short time. During 2020 games have been popular as a way to destress and connect with families, friends and coworkers. When much Retail is feeling the effects of the pandemic Games Workshop, who make miniature tabletop wargames, recently announced record sales. 

It’s only natural that games spill over into social media. It’s the place we go to for a break after all. You may be surprised to discover that your audience would be more than willing to engage with game based posts. Statistics show that over 45% of gamers are female, and the average age of a gamer for both sexes is over 35. 

Here’s a few simple game ideas that you can incorporate into your social media marketing campaigns. Just remember to keep it fun. It’s not about the hard sell. It is about engagement and interaction. 

  • Find an object hidden in an image.
  • Ask people to post the last….saved on their phone 
  • Using only gifs ask people to show their reaction to a picture you post
  • Offer multiple choice answers to a question you pose.
  • Run a competition where the answers can be found on your website so they have to click through to find them.
  • Ask your audience to use different emojis to answer a question
  • Provide fill in the blanks text – I would do such and such with… (a great way to know what your audience likes and dislikes!)


Don’t forget people love prizes. We feel pleasure when we receive a reward and this in turn makes us go after more rewards. So offering the chance to win something is an added bonus even if it’s just a virtual prize.  A gold star perhaps or a winners badge. 

Oh, and if things get too heated this Christmas you can contact the Monopoly Hotline on 0800 689 4903 to diffuse arguments! 

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