tweet hashtag in neon light form

Twitter 2020. You talkin’ to me?

Social media channels go through changes all the time which makes it exciting but challenging to keep up with how it can affect your reach and interaction with your audience. 

Twitter is NovaLoca’s main social media channel for sharing property news, available properties on behalf of our agents, as well as technology and marketing information. The latest twitter changes are going to mean we need to think about how we craft our tweets because Twitter would like us to be having more of a chat. It’s not called ‘social’ media for nothing.  

Conversations have come to the forefront of Twitter.  What is considered a conversation? Well, when you reply to a tweet or ask a question you’ve started one. Why are they considered important? Because they generate higher engagement and engagement is one of the criteria the platform uses to rank whether your followers are going to want to read your tweets. Incidentally Twitter has introduced new settings to allow you to control who can join in the talk. You can choose between everyone, people you’re following, or just those you mention. 

Other factors that help with ranking :

Recency. Your most recent tweets will appear at the top of the timeline. Don’t forget to check out audience insights in Twitter’s Media Studio to help you decide what time of day is best for you to be posting.

Rich Media. Rich Media refers to digital content that contains more than just text and a still image. The type of media you include in a post impacts your ‘score’. Videos score high, they generate 10 times more engagement than posts without. But you’ve also got gifs and polls. 

Relevance. This refers to the keywords in your tweet and whether they relate to your audience. It’s a good idea to keep a watch on trending hashtags. Visit Twitter for Business and have a look at their top hashtags and keywords insights.

That should keep us all on our toes until the next time..