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Is your small business content meeting your customers current needs?

During these turbulent times it’s prudent to consider whether your small business content marketing is meeting your customers current needs. At the moment many searches are being made for small businesses that are local to people. As we move into another stage of the coronavirus epidemic people will have different search queries as their priorities change.

To begin with, make sure your customers know what your business status is. Update your operating situation on google my business and if you can add a banner to your website with your latest information.

Is some of your older content worth putting out there again with a new call to action? Check google trends for what is being sought out. More than any other time people want to be able to trust what they read so good quality content is even more important. 

Now is also a good time to emphasize how you can help your customers. It is not a time to push sales. Again it’s about building trust which will be remembered in the future. A recent NovaLoca newsletter was amended to inform our customers how we are helping furloughed staff receive property enquiries. Do you need to rethink any campaigns that you had planned? 

It is also worthwhile to start to plan what people might be looking for when this is over and begin to create content. Don’t forget there are some topics that are always searched for. Perhaps it’s time to present them in a different way?