laptop on a sofa

Home Office Decorating Tips to boost Productivity

Working from home during these difficult times is a massive change for many of us that takes some getting used to. Staying productive becomes a challenge but there are ways you can make your workplace environment inspirational even if it’s just a corner of the dining room table.

Why not display some artwork?  Pin images on to a board, or on the wall and change them as often as you like. It could be something the kids or a neighbour have produced, or just an image from the internet that inspires you. We have a great collection of office humour memes over on our Pinterest Board. Even if you have no wall space you can display art as wallpaper on your computer screen.

Put up a Mirror to make your space appear bigger and also let in as much natural light as you can.

Use fun stationary. Go ahead and write with that ice cream shaped pen you brought on a whim or those Harry Potter erasures you’ve been keeping for a special occasion.

Have some healthy snacks on hand to deliver an energy boost when you need it. There’s plenty that can sit on your desk: fruit, nuts and seeds, popcorn, granola or cereal. Mix all of the above together in your own trail mix.

How about a plant or some flowers in your work area? You may be able to get hold of flowers while doing your essential supermarket shop, or you could just move the herb plant from the kitchen window sill to your desk, or even order some dried flowers online.

Keep your work area tidy and don’t let clutter build up. It is suggested that too many items on your desk can impact your attention span and stress levels but a clear desk not only helps productivity it can also boost your morale.


Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below and together we will get through these times.