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Direct Mail versus Email

When MJM began in 2001, 6 years before NovaLoca was established, it was always thought that direct mailing would eventually end. This hasn’t proven to be true. In fact in some cases direct mailing can often get a better response.

According to Royal Mail  direct mailing is found more trust worthy by customers. We are after all more likely to remember a physical object than a digital one and have more of an emotional response to it.  It is estimated that the response rate with direct mail is up to 4.4%.   Over half the respondents then go on to visit either an online or physical shop. When you want to present in depth information, a printed brochure gives you more room to do so. There’s also the opportunity to engage people with the design of the packaging.

Email marketing is affordable and instant but its average life span is just 2 seconds.  Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook have advanced the ways they look at email campaigns and decide whether your message even reaches an inbox or not.  We believe your physical letter has more chance of landing on the right desk in front of the right person with no filtering by admin staff.

However an email campaign is a great way to reach new audiences. It has the potential to be easily shared; it allows collection of data to measure results and gives the opportunity to include a call to action. It’s also a greener option but much can be done to mitigate the impact of print mailing.*

There are many ways to market; often different methods reach different people. To increase the likelihood of reaching more people it’s a good idea to use several approaches.   Of course NovaLoca can be trusted to provide great online advertising but if you decide to run a direct mailing campaign alongside your other marketing strategies you should know our MJM data is targeted to your requirements, up to date, and accurate.  Alternatively we can offer fulfilment for companies with an existing database. Find out more here.

*MJM is committed to keeping environmental impacts of mailing to a minimum: We pay extra to buy envelopes that are from recycled paper, Address labels are also made from recycled paper, and the ink we use is biodegradable.  We are keen to encourage clients to talk to printers about ensuring enclosures are printed using sustainable materials and that the final result is recyclable and hopefully fully biodegradable  and we have seen that this is already happening.

For information on how you can be eco-friendly with print marketing see our blog post here.