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Data Trends in 2020

As we begin a new decade the digital transformation of businesses continues to grow. Data science, the study of data, is a big part of this growth.  Here are 2 data trends to be aware of in 2020.

Augmented analytics

The purpose of Augmented Analytics is to enhance analytics gathered from the web, social media posts and other marketing statistics. This gathering is usually undertaken by a data scientist and can be time consuming and costly so having part of the process automated allows the work to be done quickly and with fewer mistakes.  Augmented Analytics make use of:

  • Machine learning – that is when a computer learns from data and becomes more precise the more it does. For example it can learn what time of day is best to sell property.
  • Natural language processing – helping computers understand human language. Or it can be the other way round; taking what a machine learns and put it into phrases humans can understand allowing non data specialists to use the information. It is the technology that is behind Alexa. We’ve looked at the importance of optimizing your website for voice searches in a previous blog post.


Graph analytics (also known as network analysis)

These analytics reveal relationships between objects in a graph. This type of graph is not like a normal bar or pie chart it is made up of:

  • Nodes and vertices which can represent people (e.g. customers), places (e.g. retail units) or things (e.g. twitter handles).
  • Edges connect these nodes or vertices. Edges can represent elements such as emails, social media likes, or roads.


This type of analytics, seen as being very efficient, has uses in social media (predictions of human behaviour on a large scale), transportation logistics (finding the shortest path between two nodes) and crime detection (finding suspicious connections).