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NovaLoca’s Christmas Charity – Carers in Bedfordshire

Our director’s chosen charity for this year is Carers in Bedfordshire who provide specialist support for 7500 people who look after someone they love – a family member or friend – throughout Bedfordshire where NovaLoca are based.

A wife staying at home 24/7 to look after her husband living with dementia; a parent who no longer works because his child’s illness makes a full day at school impossible; an eight-year old helping mum with medication three times a day. If a carer has no family members or friends in the same position, it’s easy to feel as though no one understands. Being a carer can be tiring, frustrating, challenging and, above all, isolating.  Carers often feel guilty about doing the smallest thing for themselves. Stress, depression and ill health often take carers by surprise. They sacrifice their education, employment, social life, their health – and in some cases their home – to care for the person who could not manage without them.

Every carer faces different challenges and has different needs. Some need someone to talk to, some need assurance that they are doing the right thing; others need practical advice and support to get through each day.  Carers in Bedfordshire provides all of this support in a tailored package to suit each carer. They listen. They’re experienced. They know how to help.

Donations like yours give carers support to maintain their wellbeing and will make a real difference to families. It shows them that you care for the carers who are so often forgotten.

You can give by text, online or direct debit to Carers in Bedfordshire. Or perhaps you have a challenge on your bucket list and can raise funds at the same time! How about a skydive, a mountain trek or perhaps a cycle ride across the country? Why not organise a workplace bake-off, a samosa sale or a fashion show?

  • £25 provides a carer with one to one support from our trained support workers.
  • £50 buys tea and coffee for all the groups that we have in a week (sometimes a cuppa is just what a carer needs).
  • £100 funds two training courses teaching carers how to safely handle their loved ones.
  • £500 gives carers and people living with dementia a Christmas meal and entertainment at one of our groups.

Visit the Carers in Bedfordshire fundraising pages for ideas and how to give.

This Christmas, Carers in Bedfordshire are raising awareness for carers that find this time of year stressful, isolating and filled with anxiety. They spoke to a Parent Carer about her story and how Christmas affects, not only her, but the whole family. You can listen to the interview here.

Their campaign “Make it a Carers’ Christmas” is looking to raise funds to support carers through this difficult time of year. There are so many ways in which you can make a difference, whether it is through work, the clubs you attend or choirs you sing in. Have a look at this video for some ideas.