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How to choose a good location for your Restaurant Business

According to restaurant and managed pub groups across Britain saw a 1.25% sales growth in July 2019 and there is “good demand for new sites across the country”.

What is a good site for a restaurant business? If you’re not in the right location it doesn’t matter how good the food is if no one comes to taste it.

Here are a few points to consider before you make that restaurant purchase or rent commitment.

  • Ensure the building is visible to passing traffic and pedestrians. Are you able to add advertising boards and signage to the property?
  • Research who is out and about in the area you are looking at on different days of the week and at various times of the day. Websites such as StreetCheck allow you to look at the demographics for a particular postcode, town or city using such databases as the Land Registry and census information.
  • Make sure there is parking available with enough spaces for all customers of the restaurant. This may not be a vital consideration for the centre of a city but it is for pretty much anywhere else.
  • Consider how close your competition is to your preferred location. What type of customers do they attract and what are their habits? Are people often dining out or are most of them grabbing food on the go? How well are the other businesses in the area doing?
  • Does the building you are looking at fulfil all your space requirements including: kitchen, refrigerator area, bar and office space? Does it have ramps etc. making it easily accessible? Although quirky premises may look amazing can it be easily converted to accommodate such things within your designated budget?

Begin your search for your ideal location with NovaLoca’s listings and for inspiration for great design ideas take a look at our Bar and Restaurant Pinterest Board.