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How to Create the Best ‘About Us’ webpage

How do you write a good ‘About Us’ page?  Perhaps the first question to ask should be is an ‘About Us’ page important for your website? Well, yes. It gets more traffic than you think because it can be the webpage where a customer decides if they want to do business with you.

Here are a few easy tips to help you talk about you:

What should you talk about? Begin with the information you consider the most important for your visitors. Understand who your customer is because you need to be relating to them. They have come to your website to see how you can benefit them. (See it’s not actually about you, it’s about them).

When did you start your business? Here’s a chance to show your many years of expertise or to shout about how you are an exciting fresh new voice.

Where are you based? Are you hoping to attract local business or a broader audience?

How did you get where you are? People like to read stories not just facts. Have a look at our recent blog post about creating emotional engagement your visitors can relate to.  Ultimately you want to be showing how you can help you customer.

Who are you? Introduce the team. Let people know who does what because again this is part of your unique story. Make sure to include photographs.

Why you do what you do?  Why is your product/service important to you?  This is a chance to share your company’s core values. Do you have any case studies, endorsements, or quotes you can use?

Keep the tone of the page conversational. A friendly style is more inviting to read but be authentic.

Take a look at our own About Us page before you go.