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Tips for Setting up a Self-Storage Business

There is a current increase in demand for self-storage facilities both for personal storage as homes grow smaller and for business storage as small businesses store their stock. The SSA UK (Self Storage Association UK) reports that half of Europe’s self-storage facilities are to be found in Britain and that they are performing well.

What should you consider when setting up a Self-Storage Business?

As always consider location first.  The SSA UK Annual Industry report 2018 stated that:  “68% of self-storage user’s travel 20 minutes or less to their unit.”  You will want to research how much traffic will pass by the location and whether it is easily accessed. Is the area you are looking at set up for business use? Research how far away your competitors are and what services are they offering, at what price.

Work out what your start-up costs will be. Are you intending on buying or renting land? What type of containers do you intend to offer?  Will you have multiple storage unit sizes? Shipping containers are seen as an affordable start up point but you will also need a reception/waiting area for visitors.

Include marketing materials in your budget. You will want banners and signs at your facilities as well as promotional adverts and brochures. How about an online presence? A website will probably give you maximise publicity.

Security will be the main concern of your customers so you need to factor in the costs of: Secure gates, CCTV, lighting, alarms and on site staff. What opening hours will you offer? If it is not 24 hours, when the facility is closed will there be remote monitoring?

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