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Office Design Trends 2019

Half way through the year 2019 we take a look at the trends shaping office design so far. Office productivity is affected by the workplace experience. Providing a workplace that reflects current trends encourages an office culture of progress and innovation.

Design is becoming more staff centred with an emphasis on the employee’s experience. Experience driven office design is a trend that is expected to continue to rise. It looks to include such things as theatre spaces, walking or jogging trails and gaming rooms with the aim of improving wellbeing and team community. It also helps promote your business, reflecting a brand-sense of identity.

Wellbeing initiatives are at the forefront of current design because staff retention depends on staff satisfaction. Many offices are incorporating breakout areas to allow staff time away from desk their desk to reenergise.

Companies are also recognising the need to move away from a rigid model of 9 to 5 working days to accommodate people’s lifestyles by introducing flexible working patterns where core hours at worked at the office and the others remotely. It is estimated that worldwide more than 70% of people work remotely at least one day a week.

Biophilia is defined as the need to connect to the natural environment. People react positively to a greener office environment. Design is seeing the introduction of natural textures such as clay, wood and stone. Moss Walls are increasing popular as more companies work towards sustainability.

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