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What are the uses and benefits of VR in Commercial Property Sales?

VR creates a three dimensional environment in 360 degrees that immerses users via a headset. It began in the gaming industry but it’s now rapidly being taken up by the business world. What are its uses and benefits in the commercial property world?

It saves time. Clients no longer need to spend a large amount of time visiting potential properties. They can now pop on a VR headset and take a 360º walk through numerous places before choosing those they’d like to see more of.

If a client arrives at a property that is empty VR would allow them to view, for example, a furnished office interior, even to choose what style they want. Statistics reveal that most buyers prefer viewing a property with staging and virtual staging is more than 90% cheaper than actual.

And yet again if a property is still to be built VR allows 3D architectural visualization of a proposed exterior.

It saves money. There can be the initial cost of the VR headgear but it’s not always necessary.  A guided video tour around a property only needs a panoramic camera and basic rendering.

It allows a worldwide reach which opens up many marketing opportunities along with 360º VR promotional videos, VR advertisements and social media integration.

It cuts down on risks. Training has become one of the main applications of VR.  It immerses employees into the real life environments of such industries as construction and manufacture.

The future is already here…