4 Environmental Considerations for High Employee Engagement

Whether you are just setting up or refurbishing your current office space there are environmental decisions you can make to ensure employee engagement and productivity remains high. Research reveals issues with air quality, lighting, noise and crowed spaces are the most common building-related reasons for productivity issues.  In this post we take a look at each of these four areas.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality can have a direct impact on health. Consider your material selections, including paints, flooring, and furnishings.

A simple, cheap aid is to use indoor plants to help filter indoor air. They remove harmful toxins and stabilize humidity.


Sunlight is important for our mood but both natural and quality artificial light has been linked to a 15 % reduction in absenteeism in office workers.

The same statistics apply to access to a view. This can be through a window or even in a nature photograph. This access improves attention span, mood and lowers stress.


This could be a simple rearranging of office space layout and it’s worth discussing with your employees because it is shown that employee engagement is higher with employees who have some control over their workspace.

Ensure shared equipment, such as printers are in areas that are easy for everyone to access.


 Noisy environments can lead to stress and higher blood pressure. Place areas where communication is essential where noise disruption is less e.g.  away from doorways, corridors and mechanical services.

The humble indoor plant can help here too.  As well as being good for air quality they help deflect and absorb sounds.

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