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Spring Clean your Business 2019

It’s the time of year to wipe away the winter dirt and give everything a clean. Why shouldn’t this include your business?

Here are a few questions you should be asking to get everything sparkling and fresh again:

  • How’s that Social Media presence? Do you have platforms that aren’t performing well? You don’t need to be on them all. Maybe it’s time to nip some of them in the bud and leave room to maximise new growth elsewhere.


  • Is it time for a team review of processes that could be done better? Don’t get caught continuing with something just because it’s always been done. Together you could identify areas ready to streamline while flagging up duplications and double handling processes.


  • Are you sure you are still meeting your Customer’s needs and wants? Perhaps you could send out a customer survey to help refocus what it is they want from you. Which is also a good time to make sure your list of customers and clients is up to date.


  • When was your last Computer back up? You know you should be doing it. And while you are there have a rummage through your folders, organise those that are staying, throw the rest in the trash and make sure you empty it too.


Complete these simple tasks and before you know it business will be blooming.