Why You Should Be Updating Old Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic to your website and improve your SEO. However, in order to maintain the effectiveness of your blog, you should update old blog posts. Old blog posts will still appear on search engines so you need to make sure that the information is still relevant.

Update and remove links

Old blog posts are likely to have dead or broken links in them, so they will need to be removed or updated. Having a link that leads to ‘page not found’ makes the blog post appear less relevant and outdated.

Link to newer posts

You may feel that your older post is no longer relevant, but a newer post is. So you could link to your newer post so that readers remain on your site but still find what they have searched for. Alternatively, you may have briefly mentioned something that you later wrote a whole post about. So going through old posts to see if you can link to any newer posts is important because you will increase your blogs traffic from users clicking around your site.

Add keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to SEO. In order for your post to rank highly on search engines, you should mention the topic of the post, which people may search for, several times. However, when you originally wrote the blog post you may not have realised the importance of keywords. So you may need to add some into the post to improve your SEO position.

Proof read

Sometimes you need to revisit an old post to notice any spelling or grammatical mistakes that you may have made. Mistakes will mean that you are less relevant on search engines because they want to provide users with the best content.

Repost on social media

An older post may still be very much relevant now so re-promoting it on social media will increase the traffic to the post.