Video Content – the New Era of Property Advertising?

Something you can expect more of on social media this year (besides heated political debate) is more and more companies embracing video content. Snapchat’s new Spectacles, a pair of video-capturing sunglasses, are being rolled out with a typically obtuse marketing campaign – appearing at vending machines in select American locations, and only for a limited period – but in time will undoubtedly become a mainstay of the “selfie” crowd. Mobile has already made capturing instant video a cinch, and methods for capturing it are only getting easier.

Yet, video capturing methods aren’t just becoming easier – they’re getting more versatile too. Advances in camera technology have come so far in such a short space of time it’s exciting to see where they might take us next. This new wave of easy-to-use, expansive technology is already captivating savvy businesses and, as you’ll soon see, prove ideal for the purposes of commercial property.


Drone On
Though especially suited for breaking numerous neighbourhood surveillance laws, the photographic applications of drones can be ground-breaking for your business. The most popular application, and possibly the most obvious, is a fly-by tour of your property; a quick YouTube search will already return hundreds of these videos. A real-time, guided tour of the property can give a far more involving experience, capturing scale, layout and features more cohesively than static shots ever could.



Headset for Success
It might be a while before the elaborate VR of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive becomes a household entity – those of a nervous disposition are encouraged not to look up their current prices – but affordable setups such as the Samsung Gear VR offer a convincing proof-of-concept for smartphone owners. Property interiors can be captured with panoramic cameras, uploaded to the phone, and viewed in full 3D through the headset’s lenses. Admittedly, VR is in its larval stages in terms of both application and adoption, but compelling new applications are emerging and property viewing is, arguably, one of the most convincing uses.



Opening Shots
If you’re new to video it can be an overwhelming pursuit, but sites such as YouTube have proven that the most successful content is rarely high-budget or elaborate. People aren’t looking for the next James Cameron or Stephen Spielberg, so long as the content is relevant to them.
For this reason, YouTube should absolutely be your first outlet. Despite its simplicity, YouTube remains the go-to for any video content, and even amongst the countless billions of videos on the site, you needn’t worry about exposure. Nearly every social media platform worth its salt supports YouTube embedding, so your videos can appear on your website, your Facebook, your Twitter feed – anywhere your audience is.
Whilst most digital cameras will assist you with basic filming, if you’re looking to do anything especially elaborate you’ll need some good editing software and a little know-how. Sony Movie Studio is a good entry point for amateur editors, whilst sites such as are indispensable for the beginner.


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