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5 social media tools that make online marketing easier

Whether you’re a small business, a huge business, a new business or have been established since 1897 – you should know by now that social media marketing is becoming essential for the promotion and brand awareness of your company.

We’ve put together 5 amazing social media tools that we use everyday that can help make marketing your business in the modern age a lot easier!

Twitter Advanced Search

It’s not impossible to keep track of your tweets but it is hard work to record each tweet, re-tweet and mention from your Twitter account. Twitter Advanced Search (a free tool for everyone with a Twitter account) allows you to easily search for tweets or hashtags in many different ways.

For example, to search for the hashtag #commercialproperty mentioning @NovaLoca you would enter the data into the below sections:

Twitter advanced search



Hootsuite - social media tool

Do you find it hard to keep up with all your social media platforms throughout the day, everyday AND run your business at the same time? We suggest you take some time out each week to sit down and plan from your social media diary on Hootsuite.

The tool allows you to manage multiple networks and profiles at once. You can schedule Facebook posts, tweets, Linkedin posts, Instagram posts and more each week or well into the future. The posts will go live just as they would if you were posting in real-time. All you have to do is make sure you keep up with the posts’ engagement!


Canva - social media tool

You have to be careful posting on social media when using images taken from Google. You could be breaking copyright laws on some images and end up paying a fine. Canva provides account holders with free images that they can take and use without any worry. There are also images that can be purchased if needed.

Not only do Canva provide great images for you to use, but they also make design simple for everyone with downloadable social media banners and images that you can create yourself!


TweetDeck - social media tool

Do you find it hard to keep up with Twitter trending hashtags as well as your work? Or have you ever run a campaign or competition on Twitter and completely lost count of engagement? TweetDeck, a free tool, is so useful in these situations.

You can create sections such as “home”, “notifications”, “messages” and “activity” which allow you to track everything but all on one screen. You can even choose a hashtag to follow if you want to keep up with a certain topic throughout the day.


MailChimp - social media tool

Do you send out regular emails to your customers or have people sign-up to newsletters on your website? MailChimp is an online marketing solution which allows users to manage subscribers, send bulk emails and track results of campaigns.

MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month which is great for small businesses. Even when you grow, the pricing is still good within the industry! The system is easy to use and all emails are mobile-responsive, which is essential to keep up with the digital age!



  1. Great tool list, Holly! I see some of my favorites here (MailChimp, Tweetdeck, Canva). You might be interested in checking out DrumUp ( for social media management and automation. It’s also pretty cool for content discovery.