5 ways to create space in the office

There are many benefits to having a workspace that is tidy and spacious. It’s easier to find things, staff feel more comfortable and it creates a generally nicer environment. So if you’re looking to create more space, without up-sizing, here are some handy tips to make room in your current office.

1)    De-clutter: The first stage in any space creation process should be to have a good old fashioned clean. Recycle unneeded paper, throw out unused furniture and have your staff tidy their desks and you’re office will soon have a much more open feel. You could also think about moving more files online, reducing the need for filing more paper.

2)    Open up the office: Rather than adopting the traditional closed office space, why not open up the workplace. Ditching antiquated closed cubicles can allow employees to interact more and gives the office a far more spacious feel.

3)    Vertical thinking: Are you out of floor space? Maybe it’s time to consider alternative ways of storage such as shelving. You could also add in wall hooks and consider bringing in new desks with more storage space, rather than having space consuming storage units scattered around the office.

4)    Mind-tricks: You could argue that in some ways the amount of space available is all in your mind. A room can feel cramped and stuffy, but with some small tweaks it can seem like there is more space available. Making an office more aesthetically pleasing and letting more light in can certainly trick the brain into believing an office is more spacious than it actually is.

5)    Be innovative: Innovative office space is a term used frequently at present. Companies are exploring new ways of stimulating employees and boosting creativity and productivity. There’s no reason why this can’t apply to space creation as well. Start thinking outside the box and who knows what brand new way you might find for creating a new way to unlock the space of a small office.

 Do you have any space saving tips for office working? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




  1. Letting light in is certainly a very good way of opening up an office space. Installing large glass doors and windows can make a space look much larger and cleaner, aid concentration and generally boost productivity in a working environment.