5 ways to make your business greener

It’s important for everyone to do their bit when it comes to the environment and for businesses with a property, there’s an even greater responsibility when it comes to being eco-friendly. Here are five easy ways for businesses to increase their green credentials.

Be energy smart – Simple acts like turning off the lights in an empty building and turning off any machines that aren’t being used benefit everyone. Couple this with energy saving lighting and you’re helping the environment and your electricity bill.

Embrace nature – Nature can be your best friend when trying to create a greener workplace. Add some plants to keep the air fresh and clean and try to avoid non-toxic cleaning products. Use less heating and air conditioning where possible and you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner and fresher workplace.

Re-think supplies – Where do all the products in your office come from? If you’re intent on becoming greener, why not start using recycled paper and supplying fair trade tea and coffee. Also try to reduce the amount of paper you use by keeping as many documents as possible online.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! – It’s the one thing we all know we should be doing, but consider whether it is being employed as effectively as it could be. Paper, plastic, food etc, it can all be recycled, it’s just about ensuring your staff know what goes where, so to speak.

Be inspirational – By far the best way to ensure your business makes a difference is to inspire other members of staff. Encourage eco-friendly travel methods like biking and walking, as well as putting signs up around the building to promote recycling. Why not get staff involved so they can suggest ways of making the workplace even greener.

What measures do you take to be green in your business? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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