Are you prepared for Google’s Mobilegeddon?

It’s always worrying for businesses when Google changes its algorithm. No one wants to wake up to find their website has gone from the first page to rankings obscurity overnight.

So what is Mobilegeddon and how will it affect you?

On April 21st Google will begin to implement changes to the way rankings are decided, based on the responsiveness and quality of mobile sites.NovaLoca is mobile friendly commercial search website

If you already have a mobile optimised website, then there will probably be nothing to worry about. In fact, Google’s latest formula tweak will actually reward those who provide a good mobile experience.

For those without a mobile friendly website, it’s possible your page could take a bit of a hit in the rankings. Hence the name, ‘Mobilegeddon.’

*Take Googles Mobile Friendly Test Here*

However, it shouldn’t be surprising to see these changes taking place. Google recently announce that around 60% of its searches now come from mobile devices, meaning it’s in a business’ best interests to have a dedicated mobile website.

If you’re not sure how mobile friendly your website is, Google has a number of tools to help you out. The first step is take their Mobile Friendly Test, which lets you know if a site is mobile responsive. Getting a green “Awesome! This page is mobile friendly” is a great start.

There’s also a mobile usability test and mobile friendly guidelines that can help you improve and optimise your mobile website.

Last year we reported that over 40% of all NovaLoca property searches came from mobile devices, with figures for both smartphones and tablets on the rise. With property searches being all about usability, mobile responsiveness is an absolute must for all property websites.

Google has been promoting the importance of a good mobile site for years and if it’s something that you have been postponing, now might just be the ideal time to take the plunge.

Looking to update your website? NovaLoca now offers cost effective mobile friendly commercial property websites, complete with expert search technology. If you’re interested, please call 01767 313380.