Incredible designs for London’s Nine Elms crossing

If you thought the idea of London’s Garden Bridge was a little bit left field, it’s nothing compared to some of the designs put forward for the capital’s newest crossing.

As part of an international competition run by Wandsworth Council to design a new crossing between Nine Elms and Pimlico, 74 teams, comprising some of the biggest names in engineering and architecture have put forward their designs for London’s latest bridge.

Commenting on the competition, Leader of Wandsworth Council and jury panel member, Ravi Govindia, said: “We challendged the world’s designers to come up with creative solutions to a very complex set of design, engineering and transport challenges.”

“To succeed, this bridge must be two things at once. It must be a beautiful piece of architecture and a valuable new transport link. This is what our growing city needs and thanks to this competition we have now have more than 70 different approaches to consider.”

As can be seen from the images, which were released earlier this week, the designs showcase a variety of unique, fascinating and bizarre ideas for the new bridge. This competition comes during a period of mass regeneration for London, with other projects including the Garden Bridge design and the redevelopment of the historic Crystal Palace.

The Nine Elms-Pimlico crossing already has the support of the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, while a study by Transport for London revealed that the bridge will be good for business in the area.

It is believed that the project has already secured funding, having been allocated £26m of the £15bn Nine Elms regeneration project, which will provide thousands of new jobs and homes.

Wandsworth Council is encouraging communities in Nine Elms and Pimlico to have their say and in March 2015 the jury panel will recommend a shortlist of up to four teams to progress through to the next competitive stage.

You can view the gallery of all bridge designs here and find out more at the Wandsworth Council website.

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