5 things that make a great high street

High streets in the UK face constant challenges to survive and thrive in the modern era. Competition from online retailers and the changing habits of consumers means that it is the most creative and understanding towns that attract people to their streets. Here are five things that should make up the perfect high street.

1) Variety

The best high streets are filled with an abundance of different stores, restaurants and cafes. The perfect blends will have smaller bespoke and unique shops, as well as major retailers and a good selection of places to eat and drink. This creates a greater feeling of the high street being somewhere that people want to spend time.

2) Accessibility

It’s vital for high streets to cater for all corners of society in any way possible. Last year we reported that retailers could be turning away one in five people by not catering for disability, missing out on more than 12 million customers across the country. Schemes to encourage all people to use the high street can only be a good thing for businesses

3) Attractive surroundings

A major turn off for shoppers is unattractive surroundings. Putting that extra bit of effort into making the high street look nicer helps people to enjoy their shopping experiencing and makes them more likely to regularly revisit. Having nice places to sit and meet, as well as less litter and rubbish, can make all the difference when creating a better high street.

4) Interaction

Some high streets are increasingly using technology to drive people back to the streets, through social media interaction and loyalty schemes. Towns that employ discount cards have seen a good degree of success, while promoting events and schemes online raises awareness of what’s on offer on the high street.

5) People!

A high street is nothing without people to fill it. If a high street has attractive surroundings, offers good places to eat and drink, promotes itself online and is inviting to all members of society, then there is no reason why it should not be a buzzing hive of activity. Businesses need people, so it’s vital to do everything possible to attract them to the high street.


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