The dos and don’ts of social media property marketing

Social media is a necessity of modern marketing and something that the property industry is increasingly using in a very positive way. However, considering the importance of social media marketing, we’ve highlighted some of the dos and don’ts of marketing property across social platforms.

Do use images

If you want your posts to stand out, images can do just that. Good posts have clear and informative text, with a stand out image, which should lead to more favourites, retweets and ultimately greater reach.


NovaLoca property of the week 2

A property posting with images is more likely to stand out

Don’t be repetitive

Repetition is the enemy of social media. Tweeting the same kind of thing repeatedly drives people way from your account and makes your page look uninteresting. Be creative with your posts to keep things fresh.

Do be relevant

Being quirky and different is a great way to grow your following, but it’s also important to keep in mind your branding and the people you are trying to reach. Keep your posts interesting, but try to relate them back to your industry.

Don’t stagnate

Posted on December 12th 2013.  If this is appearing on any of your online accounts, either update it now or delete it altogether. Dormant accounts look lazy and give the impression that you’re not around anymore.

Do be personal

Quite simply, social media is supposed to be social. Get rid of automated posts and start interacting with your followers on a human level. This will help your grow your online community and encourage others to engage with you in return.

innocent drinks 2

Interaction with other businesses can help grow your following


Don’t abuse self promotion

When it comes to self promotion on social media, it’s all about moderation. It’s better to engage with your followers than to only post about yourself. Focus on only sharing the information that’s most important and beneficial to your followers.

Do use different platforms

Social media is such a broad spectrum of unique platforms with varying benefits and features. Decide on the sites that are best suited to your business and industry. There’s no point posting all of your content on a site that’s not popular in your circle.

Don’t ignore social media

Social media marketing is no longer something that those in the property industry should be doing, it is something that they must be doing. If you’re not doing it, you can guarantee your competitors will be.


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