5 of the most weird and wonderful offices in the world

Previously we have looked at ways to add creativity to the office and calmness to the workplace, but here we are delving into the world of the weird and the wonderful. If you can find the method in the madness, these offices might start to seem less bizarre and a little more brilliant.


Potentially the last place you would expect to find a business, Pionen was a World War II bunker in a former life. Now however, it is home to Swedish internet provider Banhof, and looks slightly like the sleek and sexy lair of a Bond villain.

Melbourne Server Hosting

If you are looking for ways to differentiate the typical office floor, why not stick a library room in the middle? All of sudden, office meetings feel more like the start of a murder mystery tale set in an English manor house.

Pallota TeamWorks Warehouse

Pallotta TeamWorks succeeded in creating the most memorable and bizarre warehouse in the world. The now defunct company turned usually dull containers and crates into a truly remarkable office space.


Living up to its name and business, Couchsurfing’s office space is seriously cool and laid back. Looking more like a teenager’s basement than the office space of a global business, Couchsurfing employees enjoy sofas, swings and plenty of open space.

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent’s HQ is full of quirky features like artificial grass, plants and umbrellas. But topping the lot has to be twister in the lift. We’re sceptical how much use the spinner gets on the average working day, although we’d love to give it a try!


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