5 ways to make your commercial property listings stand out

With thousands of property listings competing for the attention of occupiers, it is now more important than ever to ensure your listings stand out online. Here are five ways you can ensure your listings stand out and receive the maximum attention from searchers.

Images – Having quality images of a property can help occupiers to imagine their business in a particular property. For occupiers, good images could be the difference between immediately ruling out a property or wasting a few hours on a viewing. Uploading multiple high quality images, like you can on NovaLoca, is the best way for interested parties to experience the property, without needing a viewing to see the property for the first time.

Accuracy – When uploading a listing it is vital to ensure that all information is up to date and correct. Any errors in the price, size or facilities of a property could mislead searchers and result in wasted time for both parties. Even the smallest errors could greatly alter the perception of a property, making it imperative to check all information beforehand.

Information – Accuracy is great, but try to be clear and concise in the description of the property. Make sure any information is relevant and easy to understand, so that searchers understand what they are looking at. It’s equally unhelpful to see an empty page as it is to see a rambling mess, making it important to strike the right balance between the two.

SEO – Search engine optimisation is paramount in the digital age of property marketing. If you are listing an office in Manchester for example, you need be hitting those key words in your text so that searches can find it on Google. If you are listing across multiple sites, you can make your listing more SEO friendly by making the text and links different on each site, so they don’t appear as duplicates on Google.

Contact – If all of the above has been followed, then listings should mean leads. Don’t fall at the final hurdle by missing any calls or emails from interested parties. Check that contact details are up to date, so that searchers can reach you. At NovaLoca, we utilise a call whisper service, so that you know where your leads come from and send all alerts to make sure that you never miss a lead.

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