Guest Blog: Is co-working the future of the office?

Coworking is an office environment shared by a group of independent businesses. Unlike stereotypical office work the hours are generally much more flexible and the atmosphere much more casual. It has been increasing in popularity dramatically over the past few years which has led to many questions being raised about its benefits and whether is it really here to stay.

I personally feel that coworking is bordering on a revolution. People are no longer willing to simply accept the concept of a 9-5 job in a cubicle and with international business being more common due to advances in technology, workers now have to be contactable at all hours, hence why flexible office space is so appealing. The ability to float in and out of desk spaces around the world, when and where they are required or simply having an alternative to working from home amongst the dirty washing is amazing. Even large companies such as Google believe it is beneficial to maximising productivity of their work force and so offer this style of office space. For small businesses or freelancers with irregular income there is no long term commitment and the amount spent on desk space each month can fluctuate with the business.

There have been many arguments regarding whether coworking is an excuse for young ones to have a social atmosphere at work, however it is attractive to all businesses regardless of age or size. The beauty of coworking and its increasing popularity is that each space is unique and will have an appeal which attracts a certain demographic. However, all spaces have one thing in common; they are filled with ambitious workers.

The strong sense of community allows for businesses to thrive. With opportunities to collaborate, network and have essential expertise only a few seats away, coworking really is the perfect environment for success.

Desk Union offers many options for coworking in open plan offices and has most recently opened their own space in Edinburgh.

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