15 quirky accessories that will brighten up your desk

A desk can be a fairly uninteresting place to be all day with only stationary, your computer and a phone for company. So if you think your surroundings are a little too bland, we’ve listed some of the unique office accessories that you can buy to spruce up your desk.

Britain’s Got Talent buzzer

Ever feel like doing something about the person making controversial office comments? Well with your very own Britain’s Got Talent buzzer you can buzz them right out of the building.

Like and dislike stamps

If you’re missing Facebook while at work, why not invest in some like and dislike stamps to make your notes that little bit more unique.

Zamboni Mini Vacuum

If you don’t like tidying your desk and would like to let your inner child out, then why not consider purchasing this mini vacuum truck to make cleaning your space more enjoyable.

App coasters

If you can’t get enough of the apps on your iPhone, these coasters mean you can now place your morning coffee on the very same icons as you’re seeing on your phone.


It’s a Friday afternoon and the kitchen is just too far away. Well don’t worry, if you’ve bought a mini fridge, there’s always a nice cool drink waiting for you on your desk.

Medieval weapon pins

Bored of the average drawing pins? Is your pinboard looking rather dull? Replace your everyday pins with mini axes and swords and suddenly the office pin board is looking a bit more entertaining.

USB Tulip Hub

We use USB ports so much that they should be more exciting. These USB tulips not only add colour to your desk, but provide a handy multiple USB station.

Paper clip bath

Sick of having so many paperclips scattered around your desk? Well this bath not only allows you to store them, but also gives you a unique addition to your workstation.

Pop phone handset

Add a classic to your desk by getting this pop phone attachment, so you can take a break from always holding your mobile to your ear.

Wooden whale desktidy

Pointless but utterly adorable. Store your phone in the mouth and your pens on top. Could you resist this office accessory?

Magnetic fishing pen holder

If you’re always searching around for a pen when the phone rings, this memo station provides a pen right to hand, as well as being an awesome addition to any worktop.

Penguin pen holder

If fishing, or magnets, isn’t quite your thing, then what about penguins? Place your pens in the holder and watch the inhabitants move around in the water.

Desktop skip

Put your traditional bin in the trash and start using this desktop skip. Who wouldn’t want this bright yellow addition to their desk?

Prescription coffee mug

For those who can’t live without their daily caffeine injection…

Mini-pool table

Ultimately procrastination is the only purpose for this desktop mini-pool table. A nice little accessory, but surely difficult to justify its place on your desk!

Which of these unique accessories would you like to see on your desk?

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