Why having a mobile site is now essential for all businesses

The beauty of mobile technology is that we can access any websites or information almost instantly. Nevertheless, how irratating is it when you go to have a quick browse on your phone and the website in question doesn’t have a mobile version?

We’ve all been there – frustratingly trying to operate our way around a website intended for a screen much larger than the one on our smartphone. Not only can it reflect badly on a business, but it could make people less likely to follow up with a visit your site when they get home.

Having a bespoke mobile website and app is a must have for any business in 2014. Data released by NovaLoca earlier this week showed that a greater proportion of visitors to our website were coming from smartphones and tablets. The bespoke NovaLoca mobile site launched in December 2013 and has already resulted in a noticeable increase in mobile visitors.

Having an app and mobile website allows businesses to provide a user friendly and comprehensive service to all of their customers. Browsing on-the-go is a mainstay of modern society, meaning you have to consider that someone might want to visit your site wherever they are and at any time.

Although our study pointed to increased mobile and tablet users, there was also a rise in desktop users. This suggests having an easily accessible mobile site and app, for browsing on the go, is more likely to drive traffic to your website when they return to their work or home computers.

A key element of a mobile site is that it has to be easy to use. When we are browsing on the small screen, we want simple functions that work well. If we are reading news, we want great content readily available and if we are searching, it needs to be quick and easy to use.

In today’s world we are so used to having everything instantly available to us, that it is unthinkable to avoid embracing a good mobile site and app. And if you don’t have one, you can guarantee that someone else will.