Retail to residential conversion made easier by new Permitted Development Right

It is now possible to convert retail properties to residential use without planning permission, thanks to the new permitted development right (PDR) introduced in the UK last month.

If you own a Class A1 or A2 retail property and want to convert it to a residential premises, you will be able to undergo the prior approval process, which considers several factors about the property and the surrounding area, before allowing you to go ahead with the conversion.

However, if your property is under 150 square meters gross internal area, a listed building, or situated within a national park, The Broads, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a World Heritage Site, then you will not be able to convert without the appropriate planning permission.

Properties that may be eligible for conversion:

Class A1: Shops, post offices, ticket and travel agencies, hairdressers, funeral directors, hire shops, dry cleaners and internet cafes etc.

Class A2: Banks, building societies, estate and employment agencies, professional services and betting offices etc.

Properties can be converted to:

Class C3: Dwelling houses – a single household, or up to six residents living together where care is provided, or up to six residents living together where care is not provided.

You can find out more information at the government planning website.