Miranda Munn – Managing Director & Founder, NovaLoca

Miranda has worked with commercial agents for nearly two decades.  Her early career, in direct mail, led her to set up her first company (MJM Marketing), to provide a marketing service for individual schemes.  As the power of the internet grew, she quickly became increasingly frustrated by the difficulties of searching for commercial property online and launched NovaLoca in January 2008.  Under her leadership, the company has attracted a loyal customer base and cemented its position as an expert in commercial property search, offering a comprehensive listing service as a well as a range of technology solutions for agencies.
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Chris Tembey – Business Development Director

Chris has worked at NovaLoca for over 8 years and has seen the company grow to become the expert in commercial property search it is today.  His early responsibilities in account management saw him working with a broad spectrum of commercial property agents, from local to national/international and he is a seasoned networker at industry awards and social events.
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Ryan Scully – Marketing & Social Media

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Holly Brown – Marketing & Social Media

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Sam Store – Marketing & Social Media

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Venetia Cutler – Writer

Venetia has worked as a finance writer and editor for two decades on topics including European equity and debt markets, structured finance and debt restructuring, and of course the UK commercial property market.
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