6 Tips for Creating an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

Most of the posts we see on social media at the moment are in the form of videos. 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%) or social images (41%). So what are the secrets to successful video marketing campaigns?

Target the Right People

People are more likely to remember your brand or buy your product if they feel they are being directly targeted. So instead of attempting to target everyone to reach a large audience, you are more likely to be successful in your campaign if you target groups directly.

Select the Right Platform

Some social media platforms are more suitable for videos than others. Most of the posts you see on Facebook are in video form, which suggests that users are choosing to watch a lot of videos on this platform. Instagram and LinkedIn are also good platforms for video. By posting the video on multiple platforms, you can reach a larger audience. However it is important to choose the platforms that are supportive of video content.


Most people watching social videos will be viewing them on their smart-phones and if they are in a busy area, are unlikely to turn the sound on. So make sure you put subtitles on the video so that your message comes across without having to listen. You may feel that text defeats the purpose of producing a video, but the visual format is more likely to catch the eye of viewers than a simple text post.

Short but Sweet

As with any social media post, people don’t want tonnes of information thrown at them, so keep your video short but make sure you get your message across. Research has found that the ideal length of a video is two minutes.

Call to Action

A big mistake people make with video campaigns is just letting the video fade to black. At the end of the video, you should direct the viewer where you want them to go. You could direct them to your website or give them your contact information. Doing this means your video campaign is more likely to result in a sale or increased traffic to your website, which means that more people are aware of your brand.


As with any marketing campaign, you should be measuring the stats to plan future campaigns. Was your video campaign more effective than your usual social images? Videos can take a long time to produce so you need to make sure that the time you are investing is worth it.