4 Reasons why you should have an Office Spring Clean

Though the weather still leaves something to be desired, spring is finally upon us. While many of us have big plans for spring cleaning our homes, offices are often overlooked. But there are many reasons why offices should be receiving a thorough spring clean.

Boost Productivity

Cleaning and organising your office space is important for boosting productivity. 75% of workers say that they are more productive when their office is clean. Not to mention, a good spring clean makes you feel really productive and is likely to make you more productive in your work.

Healthy Environment

A thorough clean reduces the spread of disease, which means that workers are less likely to get ill after your spring clean. 111 million workdays are lost a year down to the flu alone. So a healthy, clean working environment results in reduced absenteeism.

Everything in its Place

Even though you think you are putting something in a ‘safe place’ in your desk, when you forget where the ‘safe place’ is, you are left wasting time searching for what you need. Therefore, when you are having your spring clean, make sure to organise everything into labelled folders to make it easy to find when you need it.

Supply Inventory

You may think you’ve used all of your Post-Its, but chances are you’ve got a big stash at the bottom of your desk. Your office spring clean gives you an opportunity to take stock of the supplies you have to stop you wasting money by buying more when you don’t need it.