8 Tips for Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been an effective and affordable form of marketing for many years. However, a lot of email campaigns are ignored by recipients. So, we’ve put together some tips to ensure that your campaign is reaching the largest audience possible.

Set Objectives

Before you do anything, you should set some goals for your email marketing campaign. Therefore, once your campaign has been sent, you can analyse whether your goals were met. Typical goals include driving traffic to your website or reminding existing customers about your brand to boost their activity.

Segment your Audience

To get the best results from your email campaign, you should segment your audience to ensure that they receive the information that is the most relevant for them. You may choose to segment your audience by different demographics, or you could group them into new and existing customers.

Subject line

The first thing your audience will see is your subject line, so it needs to draw them in to open the email. Try to avoid ‘click-bait’. If your audience opens the email to discover that the content is nothing to do with the subject, they are likely to just ignore the email. Many people get hung up on the amount of clicks the email campaign receives, but if you are deceiving your audience to get them to open it, you will not meet your objectives.

Be Clear and Concise

Your audience doesn’t have time to read a long email, so give them small snippets of information to get your point across. You can link to external sources, such as your website or blog, for people who want to find more information.


People are more likely to open an email if they believe it is aimed at them. So personalise the email by including their name where you can.


Send the email to your colleagues to test whether your email looks how you expected when you designed it, and to check for any mistakes that you may not have noticed.


The time and day you send out your campaign is important to ensure you reach the largest audience possible. The best time will depend on your audience.  You could send your first few email campaigns at different times to test which times had the best response rates for future campaigns.


Your work is not over when you’ve pressed the send button. To see whether your campaign has reached its objectives, analyse the stats. You can see how many people have opened the email, what links they’ve clicked on etc. By analysing this data, you can judge whether you need to change anything for your next campaign.