How to Maintain your Commercial Property

Commercial buildings are a large investment for any business and with owning a commercial property, comes a duty of care to ensure the structure is maintained to a high standard.

Poor maintenance of a building can increase the likelihood of it falling into a state of disrepair – by keeping a watchful eye on the following maintenance practices, you can help reduce the risk of running into some of the more common issues affecting commercial properties.


Damp Control

Dampness in commercial buildings is, arguably, one of the most frequent problems encountered in the UK. Aside from the fact that damp can negatively affect the way that your property looks, it can also lead to a number of more serious issues if left unchecked including timber decay in the form of wet or dry rot. Dampness can also cause damage to plasterboard and internal decorations.


Gutter Cleaning

From leaves to bird droppings and even mosses, gutters can become blocked by a variety of objects, so it’s important to keep them clean and free of debris at all times. Failure to do so can lead to the rainwater goods not performing as they should and allowing the possibility of penetrating damp related issues as a result of blockages.

To avoid potential future water ingress issues it is recommended that your gutters should be cleaned and checked for any blockages at least twice a year.


Bird Control

Pigeons amongst other birds have become a common nuisance within build up areas. Failing to bird proof a building effectively can lead to our feathered friends setting up home and as a result lead to unsightly staining on walls, roofs and ledges from their waste or to give it is technical name “guano”. Guano also can prove to be a significant health risk if not cleaned up.

For property owners, bird control can be quite challenging, particularly in concentrated urban populations. The choice of correct bird control solution is dependent on several factors including the species of bird, the area the building is in and the size of the bird population in that area.


Timber preservation

The biggest risks facing any commercial property containing timber are fungal decay, woodworm and beetle infestations.

Timber infestations can progress extensively through a property and will destroy the timbers natural “goodness” rapidly. Failure to recognise and ultimately treat early on can lead to both health and financial issues.

It takes a qualified expert to spot potential problems with a timber in a building and to ensure that any problems are diagnosed correctly. A Property Care Association (PCA) registered Surveyor will provide a full inspection of the property and create a report detailing any problems that they have detected.

Timberwise has over 50 years’ experience in commercial property care and are members of the Property Care Association. If you would like to find out how Timberwise can help you care for your commercial property so you don’t have to, then call 0800 991100 or visit the website.


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