Top Performing Commercial Property Agents of 2017

Extracting Data back to the first of January this year we looked to see which commercial property companies received the highest average number of enquiries per property. We only looked at companies listing more than 10 properties with us and enquiries included number of phone calls as well as emails. We also considered the number of brochure downloads each company had, assuming an enquiry (that we are unable to track) would have been made directly to agents for 1 in every 20 downloads.

We’ve compared results with last year’s top 10, and detailed their movements below.


Top Performing Companies –
Receiving the highest number of enquiries on average per property
Comparison with 2016
The City of Edinburgh Council up 6 places
CBRE Ltd down 1 place
West Lothian Council up 3 places
Falkirk Council down 1 place
Derrick Wade Waters Newcomer to the Top 10
Aspect Property Consultants Newcomer to the Top 10
NewBreed CPS up 2 places
Bowyer Bryce Newcomer to the Top 10
Lambert Smith Hampton Newcomer to the Top 10
Telsar Ltd Newcomer to the Top 10