Overview: Our top agent and council interviews from 2016!

Over the past year, we have spoken with many commercial property agents and councils looking closely at industry trends and thriving areas, with a great focus on investment!

As we’re speeding our way towards the end of 2016, we have put together our top agent and council interviews from the past year. It will be great to look back at all of these next year and see how far our clients and their cities / towns have come!

“Liverpool is the next big city for business leaders” – NovaLoca interview with Andreas Anastasiou of Tano Properties Ltd


“The Manchester market place is buoyant” – NovaLoca interview with Pearson Ferrier


“We had our best year last year as a number of large projects came to fruition!” – NovaLoca interview with Andrew Archibald, Director of Keygrove Chartered Surveyors


“There is a strong demand for industrial space in Uxbridge” – NovaLoca interview with Bal Panesar of Telsar


“Angus is home to many thriving and innovative businesses, global companies and exporters” – NovaLoca interview with Angus Council


“The clear vision, based on the Big City Plan, has made Birmingham an exciting city to live and work” – NovaLoca interview with Bilfinger GVA in Birmingham


“There is plenty going on right now in Birmingham!” – NovaLoca interview United Business Centres


“This is a very exciting time for business and I am particularly enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead!” – NovaLoca interview Doug Smart of Smart & Co


“2017 will be our 70th year in business of which we are all very proud” – NovaLoca interview Scott Cameron of Whyte & Barrie


“Keep running, keep jumping”: David Griffin of Griffin Webster recalls the past 40 years in the commercial property market