4 easy ways to reduce stress in the office!

Organise your desk


Keeping your desk clean and tidy is key to being able to get your work done. A messy work desk can cause you to be un-productive or waste your time when trying to locate important documents. Here are a few great ways to keep your desk organised:

  • Create yourself a physical inbox
  • Have a personal bin within reach
  • Have folders to organise important files and documents
  • Get yourself a pen pot!
  • Scan documents in and save on your PC to avoid unnecessary paper on your desk
  • Tidy your desk at the end of every day

Personalise your desk



You spend a lot of your time at work which means you should be in a nice, comfortable environment. Ensure that if you’re working for somebody else, they give you a free desk assessment. It may help you to have back support or a foot rest.

You can add personality to your desk too by having fun stationary, personal pictures and a nice calendar. If you work in a more relaxed office, you could even have images pinned to your board that are funny to you and other colleagues. Just make sure everything is office- appropriate and check with your office manager before sticking anything anywhere!

Eat right


As everyone knows, a well-balanced and healthy diet keeps you awake, alert and feeling generally good! It’s important to stick to this type of diet whilst working in an office. There’s always the temptation in an office to snack or eat the latest cake that’s been brought it but these should be taken as treats rather than everyday occurrences. I can be very de-motivating  to feel full and sluggish at your desk!

Get moving



It’s very easy to stay sat on your chair in the office. You can forget to get up and move about which can leave you feeling rubbish at the end of the day. This is no good for your health either! Here are some great ways to get moving in the office:

  • Choose the furthest parking spot from the building
  • If you can, work standing up for an hour
  • Join the office lunchtime running / walking club
  • Go for a walk at lunch anyway!
  • Walk to the local shop to grab your lunch, rather than drive the short distance
  • Even taking regular toilet breaks can help!