Get a new mobile responsive website with NovaLoca!

Last summer, NovaLoca launched ZipBox – a game changing web solution for commercial property professionals. Clients including Airlink and Reddin-Clancy have had great success so far with their ZipBox websites.

ZipBox mobile responsive

Why do we need a mobile optimised website?

ZipBox websites are fully mobile responsive, include a content management system and a great search and display for your properties. The commercial property sector typically trails other industries in its utilisation of technology. Half of all visits to NovaLoca are via a tablet or mobile device, yet in a 2015 survey conducted by NovaLoca only 11% of commercial property sites were optimised for mobile devices. ZipBox addresses this issue by providing everything a commercial property business needs to create a mobile responsive, modern and professional website within a matter of days.

Why should we choose ZipBox?

ZipBox is optimised for mobile which means that you will show up higher in search engine results as Google now ranks mobile optimised sites higher than non-optimised sites. You will also benefit from a user friendly search which is crucial in helping potential clients quickly find a suitable property on your website. It can also be very expensive and time consuming to continually update your website. Fortunately, ZipBox makes it easy with a simple Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to add, delete or edit your content.

Miranda Munn, Managing Director of NovaLoca, commented: “ZipBox is our solution to a problem many clients have expressed to us over the years; they simply don’t have the time, expertise or desire to invest large sums of money in their online presence. ZipBox removes the stress, making it quick and easy for commercial property professionals to upgrade and future-proof their website.”

ZipBox has recently had a complete brand refresh and a fantastic new website has been launched to provide you with all the information you need to get your very own ZipBox website. Click here to visit the ZipBox website…