Why our customers choose NovaLoca to list their commercial properties

Here at NovaLoca, we are very proud of the services we offer our customers and strive to provide each client with our great products and fantastic customer service.

95% of our customers have renewed in the past 6 months

We offer a number of different features to our subscription customers which we have had wonderful feedback on. Tracey Hutton of Parker Parr has told us that they are “massive fans” and “really, really happy” with the services they have been provided from NovaLoca. Parker Parr are especially “big fans of call whisper” – a system we have in place to inform our agents that a property enquiry is coming through from NovaLoca rather than any other source. We have provided Parker Parr with many more leads than any other property portal which led the company to drop their subscription with Zoopla and continue to renew with us.

Once a company starts to list with us, we like to build our relationship with our client and give them everything they need to be successful. One way we do this is to keep individual agents up to date with their listings. If a company manually adds its properties to the website by hand, we will send personal quarterly update emails to the designated contacts to ensure the property listings are kept up to date. This is extra to our automated monthly “Update your Properties” emails being sent out to all listing agents. We also ensure that any company manually adding properties are given full administration support from our dedicated team. If a company automatically feeds its properties to the website via a data feed, weekly feed validation checks and quarterly full feed data checks are carried out to ensure the feeds are working correctly.

Admin Support & Weekly Feed Checks

Further to this, on a quarterly basis, all the properties for each company on a subscription are sent out in email alerts to occupiers with matching requirements who have registered on our website. We currently have over 30,000 registered requirements.

Properties sent out to occupiers with matching requirements

On top of taking care of a customer’s listings and promoting their properties, an essential part of our service is discussing property views and number of leads received with agents. We also provide advice on any improvements that can be made. We contact our clients every 6 months to provide this information, however we complete monthly checks of view reports and lead numbers to highlight if any specific areas need marketing.

At NovaLoca, we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive a great service. We provide extra marketing through social media including featured properties and properties of the week via Twitter, as well as inclusion in our regular newsletters sent out to agents and occupiers. Further to this, we will conduct interviews with agents to highlight specific areas of the country which are featured on our blog and news pages. Ongoing data quality checks and editing of text in listings are also carried to create unique wording for SEO purposes.

Promotion through Social Media and newslettersAgent Interviews and directory listings









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