Get a new mobile responsive website within 10 days – pain free!

NovaLoca are proud and excited to announce that we have launched ZipBox – a commercial property template website. It’s fully mobile responsive, includes a content management system and a great search and display for your properties.  Just recently, we produced a blog which details the great importance of having a mobile responsive website for your business. You can read this via the following link:

ZipBox is designed for commercial property by commercial property search experts and is very easy to set up, which takes away the headache normally associated with creating a new website. ZipBox allows for great branding opportunities with features for choice of colours, fonts, search defaults, headers and more and is a world class solution at a fraction of the cost.

We understand that you may have some queries, so please read the helpful information below:

We don’t have time create a new website

We would do all the work for you, customising your site and adding any existing content from your current site, to make it really easy to get up and running!

We need to see the website before we can commit to anything

We are offering to set up a new site for you (including your content, branding and properties) so you can ‘try before you buy’ without obligation.

ZipBox CMSHow do we control the content of the website if you create it?

You can use your CMS to edit or update the content.

What is a CMS?

A CMS or Content Management System is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying of online content. A CMS saves money and allows a change to be implemented straight away which means that as your site will be regularly updated with new text, you will be better recognised by Google. If new text has to be uploaded by your developers this can be easily neglected.

Why do we need a mobile website responsive website?

Google reports that 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Even with a purely business audience, NovaLoca have 45% of traffic from mobile devices. Without a mobile site you will be getting fewer visitors sent from Google as Google actively promote sites in their search results that are mobile compatible.

Further to this, if you don’t have a mobile site your bounce rates will be much higher. Before having a mobile compatible site, 50% of the traffic to NovaLoca from mobile phones bounced and of those that remained, only 3 pages were visited per session.  Since releasing our mobile site our bounce rate from mobile phones has dropped to only 6.5% with the average page views per visit at over 7!

What other benefits are there?

Our clients report that the property search function is the most popular area of their website. The ZipBox mobile responsive site we are offering includes a fully embedded property search, list, full details, maps, street view and much more. All relevant text added to your website will help raise your site in Google and other search engines. Your property details therefore contain much of the most important text on your site.

The list below includes a summary of the fantastic benefits included in a ZipBox website:

  • Fully mobile responsive
  • SEO/social media friendly design
  • Content management system
  • Intelligent property search functionality
  • Comprehensive property display
  • Interactive aerial and road maps including street view
  • News/case studies
  • Featured properties on the home page
  • Similar properties displayed within property full detail pages
  • Twitter plug-in
  • Ongoing support, upgrades and hosting
  • Property details managed through NovaLoca, including multiple flexible admin accounts.
  • Data feeds accepted

If you are interested in NovaLoca producing a commitment free mobile responsive website for you, please contact Miranda Munn for further information on 01767 313 380 or

Click here to visit the ZipBox website for further information