How to choose the right colours when branding a business

Choosing colours for a logo or business premises can be challenging. Each has their own meaning and interpretation and it’s important for businesses to get the right message across with their branding. We’ve looked at each colour and what they could say about your business.


The colour of the ocean and the sky is a popular choice for many businesses and rightly so. It implies safety, honesty and dependability, traits that lots of companies hope to portrait. It’s not exciting, but secure and responsible, making it ideal for many businesses.


Despite associations with blood and aggression, red also represent intensity and strength. It is the increased heart rate, the attraction, emotion and demand to be noticed. This makes it ideal for a high-octane brand like Red Bull.


Illuminating and fresh is yellow. Its association with life and energy comes from the sun and is possibly the best colour for creative businesses with writers, designers and developers. Stimulating and warm, businesses could do a lot worse than adding a little yellow to their premises.


As touched upon in our recent ‘How to Make Your Office Greener’ blog, many businesses are taking a green focus. It represents nature, health and healing and is believed to be calming and reduce fatigue. Whether it’s painting the walls or bringing in some plants, green is a great colour to have around.


The blend of red and yellow, orange is the colour of fun and adventure. It suggests optimism and sociability and combines the boldness of red, with the bright and cheerful nature of yellow. If you consider your business to fun and exciting, orange could be your colour.


Purple is mysterious, intriguing and associating with spirituality. A purple workspace promotes deep thought and imagination, but also has links to royalty and wealth. It’s a colour that goes well with others and provides a fantastical vibe.


Serious and authoritative, black is the colour of power and luxury. Employed by mainly high end brands, it can be considered unfriendly, but also prestigious and sophisticated.


White business premises ooze purity and serenity, as well fairness and simplicity. Perfect for brands looking to offer a clean cut approach or hoping to inspire clear thinking.


Compassionate and nurturing, Pink is a non threatening colour exuding youthfulness and romanticism. Ideal for businesses wishing to provide a fun and welcoming service.

What colour is your office and brand and what does it say about your business? Let us know and leave a comment below!