NovaLoca is rated as one of the most mobile responsive commercial property portals, according to Google’s mobile friendly test.

The test, which can be used to analyse a website’s usability on mobile devices, rates NovaLoca as completely mobile friendly and without errors.

We tested all of the leading commercial property portals on the 12th May and NovaLoca ( was the only site that offered a truly mobile friendly service without errors.

The test revealed that Propertylink, Rightmove Commercial and Showcase are not mobile responsive at all, while last week’s analysis of all other commercial property portals showed a number of resource errors, despite being deemed mobile friendly. Since undertaking our tests, only one of these has put right its errors.

Google recently altered its algorithm to place a greater emphasis on smartphone compatibility, rewarding sites that are tailored for all formats and punishing the ranking of sites that don’t cater for portable devices.

Google’s test, which can be found here, is the best measurement of a websites usability on mobiles and NovaLoca ticks all of these boxes. You can view NovaLoca’s mobile site here and on your mobile device.