5 offices that epitomize imagination

Imaginative surroundings can help to stimulate the brain and be the source of exciting new ideas and some businesses have designed their offices specifically for this purpose. These workspaces epitomize that way of thinking, aiming to promote fresh ideas through colourful and innovative work place designs.


Inventionland are responsible for more than 2,000 new products every year, meaning their employees need a constant source of inspiration. Luckily, every twist and turn of Inventionland’s factory is filled with fantasy scenarios, including a pirate ship, race track and castle.


Etsy is the online marketplace for everything vintage and homemade. Staying true to their business, Etsy’s offices are a unique blend of homages to classic eras and vinatage styles, as well as quirky design features.


Not only does Groupon’s HQ match up perfectly with their brand and logo, but it’s also a great breeding ground for new ideas. There’s a plethora of colours, a hidden forest and a Hawaiian hut!

Grupo Gallegos

Advertising agency Grupo Gallegos have one of the most colourful places of work you have ever seen. The design is clear, smooth and if we’re honest, looks like an explosion in an acrylic factory. Also, is that Umbrella’s we see on the roof?


The creators of the Minecraft phenomenon have one of the most sophisticated work spaces the world. Less office and more vintage bar, it’s no surprise that Mojang are responsible for the most imaginative and inventive game in the world.

Which of these is your favourite? Let us know below!

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