6 buildings that define originality

Without innovative architecture many of the greatest towns and cities around the world would not stir as much interest as they do. This is our tribute to those buildings that define imagination and force you stop and get your camera out. Just imagine the inspiration that would come from working in buildings so creatively built.

The Basket Building

The much publicised home of the Longaberger Company in Ohio, The Basket Building is a stunning creation and advert for the company it represents. Longaberger sell handcrafted maple baskets, if you hadn’t guessed, and what better advert for your company than a giant version of your own product.

The Crooked House

The little known Polish seaside town of Sopot is home to one of the most eye catching buildings in the world. The fairytale inspired building looks like the reflection of a circus mirror and shows that with a little imagination, any building can become a global sensation and tourist attraction.

The Gherkin

The Shard gets plenty of love on this blog, but no one can argue that The Gherkin is a landmark of London’s skyline in its own right. It’s not London’s tallest or newest skyscraper, but it is certainly a standout building and the epitome of modern London.

Lloyds of London

From London’s present to its past, The Lloyds Building is now more than 25 years old, yet is still seen as a fantastic architectural achievement. Sold and re-sold over time, the Lloyds Building is still a wonderful structure in a city brimming with amazing buildings.

 Bilbao Department of Health

If Bilbao wasn’t spoilt enough for beautiful architecture with the Guggenheim Museum, the Basque Health Department Headquarters certainly gives the city a second architectural landmark. The glass creation stunningly stands out and beautifully reflects its surroundings.

Kansas City Public Library

In a world where the traditional library is slowly dying out, Kansas City Public Library stands as a paragon of architecture acting in defence of classic literature. It would be hard to argue that there is a building in the world that defines a passion for something as much as this.

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