5 offices with incredible slides!

Modern offices are all about the design. Having a stimulating and engaging place to work is a growing trend around the world and businesses are constantly thinking up new ways of adding a little bit of fun to the workplace.

One of the quirkier additions in recent times has been the slide. Usually something that you are more likely to see on a children’s playground, many of the world’s leading businesses are giving their employees an alternative to the lift or stairs.

Here are just some of the offices that have added a slide to their building:

 Google – Tel-Aviv, Israel

Google are renowned for their innovative offices and their space in the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv is no different. It is home to a number of typically Google-like quirky features, including this quirky slide.

Red Bull – London, United Kingdom

Red Bull is a brand that stands for being edgy and without limits and it comes as no surprise to find a slide dwelling their London office. Fortunately, thanks to the slide, you won’t need wings to reach the lower floor.

Youtube – San Bruno, USA

The slide found in Youtube’s San Bruno office would look more at home at an English seaside. Nevertheless, with three lanes, we imagine this slide has hosted it’s fair share of employee races to the bottom at the end of the day.

iSelect – Melbourne, Australia

Having a slide might be considered quirky enough for the average office, but not for Melbourne’s iSelect, who took things one step further and added a ball pit at the bottom for good measure.

Lego – Billund, Denmark

Lego is all about fun and creativity, so it’s rather apt for the Danish toy maker to have a slide in the centre of the workspace. Let’s just hope the landing mat isn’t made up of tiny bricks.

Which of these quirky slides is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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