5 tips for retailers on improving customer engagement

Customer interaction can be the difference between a buzzing shop floor and closing down sale. Retailers are having to work harder than ever to keep afloat, but it is those who are adapting to meet the needs of modern consumers that are thriving on the high street.

We’ve looked at five ways retailers can better engage with customers and get more shoppers through the door.

1)    Use social media…effectively

Using social media in the current era is essential, but using it correctly is the key to creating interest in a brand. Great deal on offer? Promote it on Twitter. New range just arrived, upload the images to Instagram or Pinterest. Upload content that your followers want to share, keep things consistent and you should see the benefits on the shop floor.

2)    Make it easy for the consumer

Retailers cannot simply rely on people coming through the door anymore. Some shoppers prefer to buy online and order, others would rather buy online and collect in-store. By offering all of these services, you know that whatever the needs of your customers, it will be catered for and they are less likely to take their business elsewhere.

3)    Extend your reach

There is rarely a moment these days where we are without our laptops, smartphones or tablets. If you are using social media correctly, chances are you will already be reaching your customers wherever they are. Add in a user friendly app, a mobile specific website, and other mobile apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat and you have everything you need to reach the modern consumer.

4)    Personalisation and incentives

Customer satisfaction is always key for retailers, but it may be time to consider whether it is possible to take that service to the next level. As proven by Build-A-Bear or Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign, consumers love anything that is personalised. Use social media to build a relationship with your customers and keep them with a great loyalty scheme and creative incentives.

5) Create a buzz

Once failing HMV has emerged strong again this year thanks to offering live music and more sponsored events. Offering competitions and events can increase interest in a brand and encourage more shoppers through the door. Couple this with promotion across apps and social media and you should soon begin to feel the benefits. Shoppers attend the event, tweet about it and thus creating more interest in your brand.

Final thoughts

There was once a time where it was thought the internet was the enemy of the high street, but we are now finding that businesses that embrace and adapt to the online world are thriving.

Consumer convenience and customer engagement is now the key, making it vital for retailers to keep up with modern trends in social media and technology and then use them for business purposes.

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